Electrical Panel

Electrical Panel

An electrical panel is also called a load center. It is a metal electrical service box that accepts the main power to the home and distributes electrical current to the various circuits.The distribution of power to the various circuits are protected from over-current by the use of circuit breakers or fuses.

Electrical control panels are responsible for holding switches, meters, cables, relay, MCCB and other electrical equipment and control the start and stop procedures of an equipment or a process. The electric control panels are widely used in different kinds of industries according to their needs and preferences. HT, LT and Instrument control panels are most extensively used for industrial purposes. There are several different combinations when it comes to these devices and some of the most basic types include:

  • Low Tension Control Panels

  • High Tension Control Panels

  • IT Server Rack Panels

  • Motor Control Panels

  • Lighting Control Panels

  • Generator Control Panels

  • PLC/VFD Control Panels

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